Stopping Cesc: Matty Taylor kicks and pulls Fabregas’ hair (Bolton-Arsenal)

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas made a triumphant return from injury at the Reebok on Sunday. The Spaniard scored the opener for the Wenger Boys in their 2-nil win at Bolton, and the 23-year-old midfielder was the game’s star performer as he controlled the match in the middle of the park.

With Fabregas in such good form, Bolton resorted to cheating tactics in order to stop the Arsenal number four, and the worst incident arrived when Matty Taylor and Cesc clashed just past the half hour.

Fabregas, having already scored by this stage, had the taste for goals as he ventured into the Bolton box looking for number two. Instead the Spaniard found himself double-teamed by Zat Knight and Taylor, the centre-half helping Cesc take a tumble before Taylor stepped in and rubbed Fabregas’ face in the dirt.

Once Cesc fell to the turf Taylor seized his opportunity to assault his opponent further. First, Taylor fell on top of the Arsenal captain, making sure his leg pinned down Cesc on his neck for several seconds in a blatant attempt to keep the Gunner’s nose pressed against the grass. And once Cesc retaliated in an effort to break free, Taylor followed up by grabbing the Spaniard’s hair in an attempt to again show the youngster who was the boss.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger commented afterwards how important Fabregas is to the Gunners’ title challenge and will be hoping Bolton don’t gang up on his captain in the Premier League match between the two sides on Wednesday.

Matty Taylor’s assault on Cesc Fabreags can be seen here.