Stop-Start: Anthony Van Loo survives an on-field heart attack (Roeselare vs Antwerp)

For once we must hold our hands up for being a little slow at bringing this video to your attention after it did the rounds on most of the football blogs yesterday. Nevertheless, despite arriving to the party a little late we felt compelled to show you footage of a footballer who survived a heart attack on the pitch.

The incident occurred in the Belgium Jupiler League promotion/relegation playoff between Roeselare and Antwerp last Sunday.

In a frightening piece of footage, Roeselare’s 20-year-old defender Anthony Van Loo suddenly flaked to the ground after the full-back suffered a heart attack on the pitch. Fortunately Van Loo’s condition is well-known and the footballer had prepared for such an eventuality by having an implanted defibrillator put into his body.

The purpose of the defibrillator is to restart the heart in case it stops beating, kicking-in a few seconds after the hearts stops.

The result was an incredible “come back to life” situation for Van Loo who, moments after collapsing to the floor was able to slowly regain his composure and consciousness.

Video footage of how Anthony Van Loo survived an on-field heart attack can be seen here.

(Spotted on The Offside & The Spoiler, to name a few.)