Stony-faced Mauricio Pochettino: ‘Jay Rodriguez doesn’t look good’ (finally speaks English!)

Mauricio Pochettino has given his initial prognosis on Jay Rodriguez’s injury, and if his body language is anything to go by, it’s very bad news for the striker.

Pochettino responded that they’ll have to do analysis tomorrow, but that for now, ‘it doesn’t look good’.

But then, something incredible and truly historic happened.

Finally, after over a year in England, Pochettino – accidentally – uttered a few words in Shakespeare’s English!

Beside himself with anger over the second goal that shouldn’t have been allowed, Pochettino let the cat out of the bag, and said that ‘after this action, you can no longer analyse the game’.


Listen closely for the first recorded words of English from Pochettino on the clip below.