Stoke’s Nzonzi accused of hitting a cyclist with his car after a Facebook & Twitter campaign

Let’s begin with making sure we don’t get into legal trouble: we have no idea whether whether Stoke’s Steve Nzonzi did hit a cyclist with his car or not, however the internet seems to think so., who boast on their website that they are the cycling website of the year, have published a story showing how social media crowd-sourcing has come to the aid of a cyclist who was knocked down by  a passing car.

According to,

The driver of a French-registered car who told a cyclist [Rob Lockhart] he had knocked off his bike: “Good luck finding me on foreign plates” before driving off without giving his details has been identified as a Premier League footballer by users of the social networking site, Twitter.

Two of Rob’s fellow riders took to social media channels, contacting on Facebook in an attempt to track down the motorist involved. One, Mike Jacklin, posted a picture of the vehicle on’s Facebook page to ask for help in finding the motorised while another posted that picture on Twitter along with a second photo showing the motorist.

It was on the latter site that the driver of the vehicle – a matt black Audi Q7 with the registration number AY-248-KT, also bearing the Department code 95 (Val d’Oise to the north west of Paris in the Ile-de-France region) was widely identified, including by people living or working nearby who recognised both the vehicle and its owner.

Facebook and Twitter users have come together to try and find out who the accused driver is, and Stoke’s Steve Nzonzi has now been outed as the terrible driver.

The pictures circulated to help track down the perpetrator can be seen below.