Stjarnan roll out yet more new celebrations v Haukar: Swimming & Rowing

To call Icelandic side Stjarnan internet celebrities is something of an understatement. The Urvalsdeild side came to prominence last month with their wacky celebrations and are now so well known globally that there is now quite a large worldwide media presence at their games.

As a recap, first Stjarnan pulled out the “fish” celebration (full article and footage), then there was the “bike” routine (full article and footage) and last week we were treated to “rewind,” “stroke” and “birth.” (full article and footage).

Last night Stjarnan travelled to Haukar, rock bottom of the division, and everybody’s favourite Icelandic side ran out 5-0 winners playing some fine football on the way.

The two new celebrations were led by Stjarnan number 10 Halldor Orri Bjornsson who opened the scoring with a penalty on 32 and then added a second on 39, with each goal followed by an elaborate routine involving a number of players.

In the second half, new signing Olafur Finsen claimed a hat-trick but is still getting to know everyone at the club so has not perfected any celebration routines according to Bjornsson in his post-match interview.

Footage of Stjarnan’s two new celebrations v Haukar: Swimming and Rowing.

Individual videos of the Swimming and Rowing celebrations.