Phantom Goal! Stefan Kießling (Bayer Leverkusen) 2-0 v Hoffenheim, ball went through a hole in the side net! And counted!

Never mind Goal-line Technology – in 2013 we still need un-split nets!

An amazing ‘Phantom Goal’ was scored in the Bundesliga tonight, that needs to be watched over and over again, and still beggars belief.

Bayer Leverkusen’s Stedan Kießling rises to meet a near-post corner, but directs his headed just wide of the post.

He and his teammates lament the missed chance; the Hoffenheim players breathe a sigh of relief.

Just as it looks like everyone will return for a run-of-the mill goal kick…the ball is in the net!

HTF did it get there?

It slipped through a slit in the side of the net, and rolled back out over the line.

Only captain Simon Rofles thinks it’s a real goal, as he hadn’t seen it go wide, and his reaction provokes Kiessling – who saw it go wide – to put on a faux-celebration and take the goal on the sly.

Amazingly, there was little complaint from the Hoffenheim players, who seemed to accept it as fact, as to do otherwise, having not seen what happened, would be to deny physics.

The post-Phantom Goal fallout will be interesting, but for now, the goal stands and looks unlikely to be taken back.


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