Stand By Your Man: Osvaldo’s (Roma) girlfriend fends off trolling tifosi with unequivocal Tweet gesture

Don’t mess with Jimeana Baron!

The girlfriend of Roma striker Pablo Osvaldo took to Twitter to fend off abusive tifosi (perish the thought), who’ve been trolling the couple on Twitter.

Not for the first time, Baron showed her loyalty to her partner by hitting back at the trolls to leave them in peace.

Baron posted the universal one-finger-bird-flipping salute, with the accompanying message: ‘Here’s a universal message for all the rude/scum who are bothering my boyfriend and I. Everyone can understand this!

Baron followed it up with the message: ‘Pathetic tifosi, buy yourselves a life. Your ignorance and immaturity is shameful. Otherwise, go and learn Spanish and you’ll understand this tweet!


That unfortunately didn’t shut them up though, as they retaliated with this graffiti message below…