Stan Collymore’s excellent angry rant against the Roy Hodgson NASA monkey joke Sun front page story

It would appear that The Sun and to a lesser extent the Daily Mirror have seriously misjudged the mood with their respective front page and back stories on Roy Hodgson’s NASA joke at half-time of England’s win over Poland.

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Bizarre, surely untrue: Roy Hodgson accused of using NASA monkey joke in team talk as metaphor for ‘Pass to Andros Townsend’.

Hodgson gets Twitter support after tabloids claim England manager compared Tottenham’s Townsend to a monkey at NASA.

Chief amongst the critics, as soon as the story broke on Wednesday evening, was Stan Collymore.

The former Aston Villa, Liverpool and England striker Tweeted and said what many of us were thinking – that this is a complete non-story at a time when the nation should be celebrating England reaching the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

After berating Ollie Holt on Twitter, Collymore then called up Andy Goldstein on TalkSPORT, for whom he commentates for, to let rip on the nasty tabloids.