Spurs manager Tim Sherwood sings ‘warrior’ Adebayor’s praises, denies that he supports Arsenal [Video]

Emrmanuel Adebayor’s incredible resurgence under new manager Tim Sherwood at Spurs, and equally, since AVB left the building, has been well documented.

Sherwood has played the Adebayor card to a ‘t’, massaging his inflated ego and giving him the star treatment he requires, singing his praises at every opportunity.

In his pre-Arsenal press conference today, Sherwood kept up the Adebayor love-in theme, calling him a ‘warrior’, and joking that Ade’s tweeting on being available is ‘good for me’.

Sherwood refused to blame AVB for mistreating Adebayor when asked, simply insisting that all he cares about is how Ade is treated now.

The journo who had the floor took full advantage of his pole position by then quizzing Sherwood on his alleged allegiance to Arsenal, which Sherwood was happy to explain.

The Spurs manager said: ‘Listen, I’m from north London, and I’ve always supported the team I represent, and right now I represent Tottenham’.

Case closed?


Emmanuel Adebayor