Spurs coach AVB: Gareth Bale won’t be in squad v Crystal Palace (‘pain in the foot’!)

We’ve had Wayne Rooney’s mysterious ‘shoulder’ injury at Man United as David Moyes tries frantically to explain away his absence from United’s pre-season teams; and now we have Spurs boss AVB’s (mumbling) explanation as to why Gareth Bale won’t be featuring in Spurs’ Premier League opener against Crystal Palace: ‘a pain in the foot’ if you don’t mind!

Though he does have that idiosyncratic raspy voice, AVB is particularly evasive with the training ground reporter here, avoiding eye contact, and quickly blurting out the ‘pain in the foot’ reason in a barely audible tone.

Come on AVB – you can do better than that!

This barely believable excuse will only stoke the Real Madrid fires, as well as piquing the interest of Florentino Perez.

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