Spurs boss Tim Sherwood pre-West Brom: ‘The day you lot stop asking me about my future, I’ll have to see a doctor’ [Video]

The Spurs job ain’t been no bed of roses for Tim Sherwood.

From the day he walked in the door at White Hart Lane, Sherwood’s been discredited as a closet Gooner, and constantly been told he’ll be replaced with a more chic continental bureaucrat.

But Sherwood’s kept trucking on despite it all, and kept his head held high, albeit at times going a bit potty on the touchline.

In fact, Sherwood told the press today that he’s become so inured to the pressure and speculation that he doesn’t think he’d be able to live without it at this point; that he needs it to drive him on.

Sherwood even made a funny, saying that the day the hacks stop asking him about his future, he’ll need to see a head doctor.