Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas brands the decision not to ban Fernando Torres for cat scratch a ‘joke’ and a ‘disgrace’

Amazingly, Fernando Torres has gotten away without an additional ban for scratching Jan Vertonghen on the face during last Saturday’s London derby between Spurs and Chelsea.

Torres was sent off after the incident, but there have been widespread calls for his 3 game ban to be extended after the nastiness of the scratch was made clear.

Despite the incident being included in the referee’s match report, the powers-that-be have inexplicably overlooked Torres catty scratch, and AVB is justifiably not having it.

A Sky Sports News report into AVB’s reaction to the non-action can be seen on the first clip below, while Jose Mourinho’s simply bizarre reaction to and rationalisation of the news can be seen on the second clip.

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