Spoof Interview: Landon Donovan flips out at a reporter (video)

Usually light-hearted and friendly, Landon Donovan has shown off his darker side this week as the former Everton forward took part in a spoof viral video which is slowly gathering pace.

Making the authenticity of the video that much harder to determine is the believability factor involved. To European audiences who pigeonhole the MLS as being a poor version of the top leagues in the world, it seems hugely plausable that questions such as “who is your favourite soccer player,” “why isn’t soccer as big in the US as it is in Europe,” “what does the word champions mean to you” would receive monosyllabic and dry answers by Donovan.

But the video has a nice twist at the end which certainly makes it clear that the interview isn’t supposed to be taken seriously as Landycakes turns violent as his fuse is burnt.

Landon Donovan’s excellent spoof interview can be seen here.