Spitting Mad: Blackburn’s El-Hadji Diouf’s foul-mouthed response to a prank phone call

No one likes being on the receiving end of a prank phone call, but when bad-boy El-Hadji Diouf had a couple of wide-boys ringing up his blower to give him grief, the Senegalese striker reacted with a filthy verbal exchange full of expletives and physical threats.

With the conversation only being taped, it is impossible to 100% say that this was Diouf on the phone. But having built his reputation on a series of spitting incidents, tantrums and outbursts, the tone of the phone conversation befits the stereotype of the former Red and Black Cat, and that is good enough for us.

On the flip-side, if we can believe that this is true, then it stands to reason that Diouf would be rightly less than pleased with a couple of jokers finding out his number, and randomly calling him up asking him to apologise for his former behaviour and dishing out a host of curses of their own. With the said, their are ways and means to handle the situation such as turning your phone off, but Diouf opted for a much more aggressive recourse.

If you find foul-language offensive, please do not listen.

El-Hadji Diouf’s verbal assault against two pranksters can be heard here.

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