Spitting Games: John Terry (England & Chelsea) vs Ivan Klasnic (Croatia & Bolton) (video)

The war of words between Chelsea and England centre-half John Terry and Croatia’s new Bolton striker Ivan Klasnic has sped into overdrive as accusations of spitting and punching has made there way all over the backpages.

Immediately after full time at Wembley John Terry indicated to the referee that he had been spat on by Klasnic. Terry then stated his position clearly to the media, quoted saying “It’s not a nice situation. He [Klasnic] came on frustrated. He is the first person who has ever spat at me. It’s one of those things but let’s not let it ruin a massive night for us.”

Since, however, Klasnic has responded with his version of events, claiming that his behaviour was provoked by the Chelsea captain punching the Croat in the kidneys. Klasnic, who had a double kidney transplant in 2007, claimed that JT had punched him deliberately.


Klasnic: “He hit me with a fist exactly in the place where I’ve been operated. I was lucky to be wearing a protective belt. He is the first player who has tried to hit me with a purpose in the kidney. He insulted me first then he hit me. And now he has accused me of spitting at him? I didn’t do it. We spoke after the final whistle and I thought we sorted everything out – but obviously not so.”

How this will all play out in the Premier League remains to be seen, as Klasnic may already be labelled as a spitter, while Terry’s reputation is unlikely to be damaged too badly by the incident.

Footage of John Terry snitching up Klasnic for spitting during the England-Croatia game can be seen here.