Spanish presenter Manolo Lama comes under fire for humiliating a German beggar with Atletico Madrid fans (video)

Manolo Lama, the Spanish sports reporter, has found himself under immense pressure this week after the TV personality used a segment ahead of the Europa League cup final to humiliate a beggar on the streets of Hamburg with a group of Atletico Madrid fans.

The feature was seemingly supposed to be a sort of human interest piece in which Lama, surrounded by tens of Atleti fans of all ages, were seen giving money and charity to a 40-something beggar. But instead of looking sincere, the piece came across as crass and humiliating as Lama appeared to make fun of the beggar’s plight as he shouted “Let’s see, Atletico! Come on, let’s see pasta, pasta, a scarf for the man!”

Other features which made the segment that much more distasteful included the fact that clearly someone had given the beggar a cigarette before the cameras started rolling, the way in which some fans jokingly threw mobile phones in the beggar’s collection bowl, and the fact that the hosts in the studio were heard sniggering in the background throughout.

Manolo Lama is now facing intense calls to quit his job.

Footage of the cringeworthy Manolo Lama interview can be seen here.