South Korean girl group rip into “spitting” Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) and “cute chubby” Frank Lampard (Chelsea) (video)

Please, please, please let the subtitles on this video be accurate.

An incredibly horrible/amazing video has surfaced on the web in which a teeny pop South Koreangirl group named KARA are found entertaining a packed football stadium with their hit footy anthem “Mister.”

According to the information supplied on the video, “Each of our KARA girls loves a football (soccer) player! Gyuri – David Beckham, Seungyeon – Frank Lampard, Nicole – Fernando Torres, Goo Hara – Cristiano Ronaldo and Jiyoung – Cesc Fabregas.”

And the young lasses have some zing to their lyrics, as the girls battle it out in song to show off their football colours. This includes our Frank Lampard loving fan referring to Arsenal’s Cesc and Madrid’s Ronaldo as “losers.” But the Chelsea girlie gets her comeuppance later in the chorus when here favourite player is referred to as “cute chubby Frank.”

And then things get turned up a notch when the line “excited me when Cesc spat in Ballack’s face, typical for a dirty Arsenal player, yeh!”

Hopefully set to go viral being the best video of 2010 so far, KARA’s “Mister” can be seen here.