Someone at MOTD was drunk: Spot the numerous mistakes in Man United’s line-up [Picture]

Has Mark Lawrenson now been moved into the Match of the Day graphics department?

In the first minutes of the MOTD’s first show of the 2013-14 season, the BBC’s flagship Premier League round-up show suffered a miserable, multi-layered FAIL as they stuck up a graphic detailing Manchester United’s formation before the champions opener at Swansea.

MOTD’s errors included using Anders Lindegaard face at right back, where Man United’s Phil Jones was playing.

The screw-ups on Manchester United’s subs bench were perhaps even more glaring though, as Fabio da Silva, Shinji Kagawa and new signing Wilfried Zaha were all made to look very different this season.

In fairness to MOTD, they weren’t the only media outlet to royally balls-up their graphics in regard to Manchester United on Saturday.

Sky Sports also bungled their reference to Wilfried Zaha, substituting the face of the new signing from Crystal Palace with an image of Antonio Valencia.

Moreover, American broadcasters NBC showed they can’t tell the difference between Robin van Persie or Ruud van Nistelrooy in their pre-match build-up.

Images of MOTD’s, Sky Sports’ and NBC’s awful graphics errors on Saturday are below.