Sol Campbell: ‘Mentality-wise, Luis Suarez wouldn’t have been a good signing for Arsenal’ [Video]

Now retired, former Arsenal and Spurs defender Sol Campbell sat down with for a wide-ranging Q&A interview.

The interviewer asked him about James Rodriguez, Alexis Sanchez, and playing against Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the most interesting things he said revolved around Luis Suarez.

Asked whether Suarez would have been a good signing for Arsenal last summer (when they infamously bid 40 million and 1 pound), Campbell replied:

Mentality wise, no.’

His thoughts on Suarez’s bite were pretty run of the mill and hard to argue with, saying that the former Liverpool man ‘lacked respect and class by doing that with so many kids watching’.

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It’s highly doubtful many Gooners would concur with Campbell’s opinion of Suarez’s suitability for Arsenal though…

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