Soccer Scrum: Latvian side Liepajas Metalurgs U17 import rugby skills against FK Alberts

Although the following video was posted on YouTube in the last couple of days, unfortunately we are unable to verify the exact details of the match concerned. Nevertheless, the footage is still so bizarre it must be brought to your attention.

Crazy footage has emerged from a youth match in Latvia between Liepajas Metalurgs (blue) and FK Alberts (orange), as the Liepajas players adopted tactics more usually seen on a rugby pitch to gain yardage against their opponents.

The clip begins with Liepajas Metalurgs readying themselves to restart the match with a free-kick, however rather than lumping the ball upfield the players incorporated scrum-tactics to help inch themselves up the pitch.

Whilst the tactic was strange enough to watch unfold, the bigger question was why the tactic wasn’t labelled obstruction by the match referee.

Could it be that an official at an Under-17 match in Latvia didn’t fully know the rules of the game?

Watch Liepajas Metalurgs U17 importing rugby skills against FK Alberts below.

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