Soccer Saturday: The highlights

In the first part of the show, Jeff Stelling opened by talking about the “Countdown” to kick-off, with the panel first discussing strikers who miss open goals. Jeff, unkindly, turned on Paul Merson and Matt Le Tissier to remind the public how even the pundits were guilty of the offenses they now charge modern footballers with.

The second part of the show previewed the Saturday games. On Bolton, Matt Le Tissier asked whether Kevin Davies should be considered for England, before Jeff turned the tables on the pundit by outing him for having posters of Shakin’ Stevens on his wall as a child. Chris Kamara was his usual animated self at the Fulham-Sunderland match.

As the third part of the show began with the halftime scores, Charlie Nicolas burst into life to announce Amr Zaki’s scissor-kick at Anfield. Jeff responded by noting that it is virtually impossible for Wigan to hold onto Zaki as he is simply too good. Kammy then reported on Keiron Richardson’s overruled free-kick, calling it an “injustice.”