Soccer AM: The Football League goals of 2010, Steven Graham unloads on Fernando Torres & Celtic’s Crossbar Challenge

Soccer AM has plenty of talking points on Saturday.

The cult football show released the Mitre Goals of the Year 2010 compilation, being a montage of the very best goals scored in the Football League in the last calendar year.

When it came to the guests on the show, Liverpool diehard fan Stephen Graham stole all the attention as the Broadwalk Empire star unleashed a tirade of abuse on Fernando Torres for walking out on Anfield to Chelsea.

Graham went for the jugular straight for the get-go as the actor immediately approached the new Torres-Chelsea shirt hanging on the studio wall and pretended to defecate on jersey behind the famed sofa. Graham continued to vent his frustration at El Nino by handing out some free advise to the Spaniard about life at Chelsea, suggesting that the striker keep his missus far away from the Blues skipper at the 2011 Christmas party. Stephen Graham completed an entertaining appearance on the show by going mental after scoring a goal in standard ball-in-the-hole feature.

Celtic were the team in focus for this week’s Crossbar Challenge, with the highlight being when Scott Brown ran across the camera wearing Borat-style mankini just before Daryl Murphy smacked the bar.

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