Soccer AM: Jamie Redknapp plugs his new footy reality show “Football’s Next Star”

Former Liverpool Spice Boy and now cherished member of the Sky Sports’ staff, Jamie Redknapp, was the first guest on the show with the pin-up admitting that he hopes his baby son turns into a professional footballer. The main reason for Redknapp’s appearance though was to plug his new show “Football’s Next Star” in which kids from around the nation are battling it out for a one year contract at Inter Milan.

(While we’re on the subject of Jamie Redknapp, we should also bring you the ex-footballer’s latest ad featuring his gorgeous wife Louise Redknapp, in which the pair sell Thomas Cook. Watch the ad here.)

Musician “Example” took his seat on the sofa, discussing how he hates New Year’s and the fakeness of pretending to like people, before he talked up his new music.

There were also all the usual features of Armed Forces, What’s tat all about, Soccerette, Crossbar Challenge (West Brom), Skill Skool (Bristol City), Our man in a caff and Tubes.