Soccer AM: Darren Anderton (ex-Tottenham) makes his first ever appearance on the show

Ex-Spurs, Bournemouth and England midfielder Darren “sicknote” Anderton was the first guest on this week’s show, Helen introducing the retired footballer by saying “we’ve waited 14 years to get you on the show!” Anderton talked about scoring for the Cherries on his final ever professional appearance, missing Saturday games, and his new project developing solar powered batteries for the iPhone. Anderton finished by talking about his time at White Hart Lane with the Worthington Cup final being his favourite memory.

With Christmas under a month away, comedians Andy Parsons was next on the coach to talk about his first DVD, “Britain’s Got Idiots!,” which is the personality’s riposte to Britain’s Got Talent. The final guest was rugby player Delon Armitage, after he revealed in The Times last week that he watches Soccer AM every Saturday to relax.

Take One For The Team, the game in which Soccer AM crew members have to avoid being hit by footballs after screwing up on air, returned after Ashley and Rocket both their mistakes last week.

The usual features returned including Armed Forces, Tug of War, Our man in the Caff, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.