Soccer AM clips: The Redknapps

First up this week, Helen and Max got on the phone to speak with Stoke boss Tony Pulis about the manager running the London Marathon this weekend. Pulis discussed how he had run the marathon 11 years ago, and he is dreading it tomorrow, before talk turned to football with Pulis praising his squad for being “fantastic” but insisting that they need 40-points before they can relax.

Ex-Liverpool and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp was the first guest to parked up on Max and Helen’s sofa this week. The talking-head admitted that he sometimes finds himself digging himself out of a hole after making a wrong prediction or comment, but he countered by saying “as long as you don’t get personal” it’s ok. Jamie discussed how in his playing days the opinion who he listened to was his dad Harry, not the pundits, before saying how he is no longer allowed to commentate on Spurs because he loses his impartiality. Helen then pushed Jamie to making the case of how ‘Arry has succeeded so far at White Hart Lane, with Harry then got on the blower himself, saying he didn’t really think his son would do well on Sky.

Next on the show were diamond geezers Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer (looking like he just woke up), who came on the show to plug their new British movie “City Rats.” After mumbling on for several minutes about the flick, the duo turned on Redknapp discussing how pretty he is, before returning to discuss how low budget their film is. Last to turn up were rock-band Maximo Park to promte their new single and album.

The usual features returned including Armed Forces, Our man in a caff, Iron Soldier, This is my Club – Darlington, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.