Soccer AM clips: The Geordie Dancer vs Mackem Mover

Kicking off the show was former Northern Ireland, Fulham and Wycombe manager Lawrie Sanchez, who told Helen and Max about how he has been spending the last year out of the game going travelling in his camper van and planning his return back into football.

Next up were institutions of British morning telly, Anne Diamond and Nick Owen, with Anne admitting that they have “been at it for a very long time” before claiming that “sex helped” in keeping their on-screen TV relationship strong. The pair were then asked to turn on the Christmas lights in the studio.

An already populated sofa was then further occupied by comedian Sean Lock, who came on the show to plug his new Crimbo DVD of his stand-up routine. Lastly, The Fratellis made the show to talk about their latest movements in the world of rock, talking about touring and having their own record studio.

The highlight of the show though was the long-awaited, much-hyped dance-off between the Geordie Dancer and the Mackem Mover.

For those unaware, both the Geordie Dancer and Mackem Mover, Newcastle and Sunderland fans respectively, are a pair of average joes who have propelled to national fame after being independently spotted on TV showing off their unique dance moves. Both are plump, middle-aged men who allow people to laugh with them (and also at them), and the both exude an enthusiasm which is infectious.

Prior to the show, the pair were released on the Newcastle public to perfect their routines in front of live crowds in the city centre. The Geordie Dancer’s effort can be seen here, while the Mackem Mover showed off his moves here.

So onto the dance-off. It began with a boxing style weigh-in, before the Soccer AM team made an over-elaborate intro leading into the main event.

Watch what happened here.

The usual features returned including Armed Forces, Iron Soldier, Man In The Caff, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.