Soccer AM clips: The 500th show

Kicking off the show was legend Jimmy “the wig” Bullard, who gave the Soccer AM crew a signed shirt celebrating the show’s 500th broadcast. Jimmy talked about his England call up, Theo Walcott, and his eligibility to play for Germany.

Big-screen star Kevin McNally plugged his latest movie and talked about working with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Other long standing friends of the show, Snow Patrol, parked down on the sofa to talk about their fifth album, A Hundred Million Suns.

Tubes was forced to “take one for the team” after screwing up on last week’s show. Jimmy Bullard hit the bullseye.

The usual features all were present including the Armed Forces, Iron Man, Small Talk, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge (Wycombe), Tubes and Soccerette (The Miami Heat).

Capping off the show and celebrating Soccer AM’s 500th episode, there was a montage of some of the best moments from over the years. The highlights can be seen here.

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