Soccer AM clips: John Scales talks about a new skills competition

Ex-Wimbledon, Liverpool and Spurs centre-half John Scales was the first guest on the show, dropping in to plug his new skills freestyle competition with England competing against the rest of Europe. The winner of the competition, which asks participants to upload videos onto YouTube, will be rewarded with carrying the Champions League final ball onto the pitch in Rome. Helen and Max made the obvious observation that it is odd for Scales to front the scheme as he was hardly blessed with silky feet during his playing days.

Wales rugby star Scott Quinnell discusses the Rugby Club’s new season of School of Hard Knocks – a new show that brings a group of people with hard lives and unfamiliar with rugby and teaching them the game and trying to help them improve their lives.

The final guests on the sofa were rock-band The Enemy, who claimed their hat-trick ball and talked about their current tour and the Gumball Rally.

John Barnes stepped up to the Bullseye Challenge, looking to beat Robbie Savage’s five dart haul.

The usual features all returned including Iron Soldier, Forces, Skill Skool, Small Talk, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.