Soccer AM clips: Gazza relives Italia ’90 & Euro ’96

Continuing his whistle-stop tour of the various media outlets, Paul Gascoigne was the first guest on the show. In high spirits, calling Max “Chris”, and not always coherent, Gazza started off by rambling about why he loves the football anthem World in Motion and his experiences at Italia ’90. After exhausting that topic talk moved onto Euro ’96 and that famous goal against Scotland, Gazza explaining how being a Rangers player at the time made the moment so much sweeter as he left Colin Hendry for dead. Unfortunately Gazza finished off by missing a penalty in the car park.

British actor Daniel Mays then rolled onto the coach to promote his new movie, Shifty, about 24 hours in the life of a young Muslim drug dealer. During Mays’ description of the plot, Gazza looked completely uncomfortable as he heard about the story of someone falling down to drugs. Lastly, three members of Goldie Lookin Chain made an appearance on the show to plug their new album.

The usual features all returned including Iron Soldier, Forces, Our man in the Caf, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes (John Terry & Ashley Cole) and Soccerette.