Soccer AM clips: Bruce Grobbelaar & Mr T

Bruce Grobbelaar kicked off the show, and he was immediately cornered of his daughter’s participation in the TV show “Superagents.” Talk then moved onto what agents were like in Grobbelaar’s day, with the guest saying that if he’d had a good agent then maybe he would have avoided some of the troubles which he has fallen into in recent years. A slightly awkward atmosphere then descended on the set, before Helen and Max changed subject to the keeper’s spat with John Barnes over whose fault was the Reds’ famous 1989 league defeat to Arsenal. Bruce’s segment ended with the goalie missing a penalty (again) in the car park.

Next up on the show was A-Team legend Mr T. Helen asked whether anyone calls him by his real name Lawrence, to which the presenter was quickly told “only if you wanna disrespect me” before ranting about the importance of people’s names. He was then quizzed about his famed 80s TV show, with Mr T playing up to the crowd saying “I love it when a plan comes together” before admitting he still calls the cast by their TV names because “we never know when there’s another mission.”

Last up rock-band Starsailor appeared on the show to plug their latest album.

The usual features all returned including Iron Soldier, This Is My Club – Carlisle, Our man in the Caf, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.