Soccer AM clips: Baby Elvis’ Wembley shoot-out

Soccer AM staged what was probably the highlight of Wednesday night’s international at Wembley, a penalty competition before the match with Baby Elvis in goal. Using the old Bruce Grobeblaar trick of the wobbly legs, Baby Elvis managed to make three saves with another two penalties going wide, out of nine shots in total. The shoot-out can be seen here.

On the sofa was Jamal Campbell-Ryce, who must be one of the most softly spoken footballers in the game. Actors Leo Gregory and Geoff Bell also parked their backsides on the sofa to plug their new footy movie “Daylight Robbery.”

In a new feature called “Iron Soldier,” Helen, in military clad, officiated as some poor sucker, who had to do sprints drills while collecting weights. The fastest man will be hailed the Iron Soldier.

As always, there were the regular features: MMS, Forces, This Is My Club (Plymouth), Small Talk, Our Man In The Caf, Tubes, Crossbar Challenge (Accrington Stanley), Skill Skool (Watford) and Soccerette.