Soccer AM clips: 3rd Eye Special with the 9-year-old dancing boy

Charlton’s Jonathan Fortune and his cousin, leading UK rapper Kano, dropped into the studio for a chat with Max and Helen. After congratulating Kano for being the only musician to have the same song appear on Showboat twice, Fortune was put under the gun asked he if likes his cousin’s tunes. The roles were then reversed when Kano’s lack of love for the Addicks was made public, the rapper earlier commenting “it’s not like Arsenal.”

Peter Crouch stepped up to take on the Bullseye Challenge, while crew-member Dave was forced to “Take one for the Team” after forgetting to bring spare darts for Crouchy when they filmed the segment for the show.

As a special treat there was a 3rd Eye special in which the dancing kid, nine year old Matthew Miller, outed on last week’s episode, made a live appearance on the show to display his now famous dance moves.

The usual features all returned including Iron Soldier, Forces, Our man in the Caf, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes and Soccerette.