Soccer AM & ChannelBeeTV clips

First out of the green room this week was Barnsley manager Simon Davey, who came to see the crew before today’s evening match at Crystal Palace, talking about last season’s amazing FA Cup run when they beat Liverpool and Chelsea on the way to the semi-finals.

Comedian Rhys Darby came on the show to plug his new DVD, while Primal Scream duo Mani and Duffy came onto the show to talk about the latest news with them.

In the latest episode of Brian the Bear – a mascot’s life, the nation’s sixth favourite bear starts a new job but it’s not exactly what he’d hoped for.

The usual features all were present including the Armed Forces, Iron Man, This is my Club – Leicester, Skill Skool, Crossbar Challenge, Tubes (who was at the MOBOs) and Soccerette.


Once again, going head-to-head with Soccer AM is Tim Lovejoy’s latest offerings from ChannelBeeTV.

This week, Jason McAteer tells the story of his debut match at World Cup 94, and how his nerves were calmed during the Norwegian national anthem just before kick-off.

And on the back of England fans booing their own players, Channelbee tested the public to see how they liked getting booed at work. See what happened here.