So Neymar can take penalties! Scores winner in shoot-out as Brazil beat Argentina in SuperClassico

Just a week ago the entire planet (or so it seemed) was pointing and laughing at Neymar for producing one of the worst penalties ever taken in Brazil’s friendly draw with Colombia.

See LOLZ! Neymar takes one of the worst penalties you will ever see (v Colombia).

Redemption can often come pretty quickly in football and even more so in South America where there always seems to be some sort of international match to be played.

Brazil won the SuperClassico against Argentina on Wednesday night on a penalty shoot-out after losing their second leg clash with their great rivals 2-1.

The match only featured players from Brazil and Argentina’s domestic leagues and had been postponed after floodlight failure the first time this second leg had been staged.

This time Neymar was presented with the opportunity to win the tie for Brazil in the shoot-out and duly slotted it home with the minimum of fuss.

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