So he’s not just there to sell shirts! Beckham impresses in his 15 minute PSG debut v OM

And they said it was a marketing gimmick to get Beckham to Paris.

Maybe it still is, but this Monday everyone is talking about how Goldenballs made a decisive impact in his debut match for PSG against Marseille.

With the French camera rolling a ‘Beckham Cam’ throughout the contest, most viewers were forced to sit back and watch the most famous Englishman on the planet sit on the bench for the majority of the contest with OM.

Always in tip-top condition, Beckham’s major contribution before the 75th minute were a couple of warm-up exercises and stretches down the sidelines. But with a quarter of an hour left on the clock Beckham was brought on for Javier Pastore, and cynics were forced to sit back and admit there is still life in the old dog yet.

Beckham popped off a series of pin-point passes in the driving snow as the Englishman roamed the right hand side and more central positions. Then, with injury time ticking over, Beckham played a key role with an up-and-over outside of the boot pass which led to Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring PSG’s killer second.

Watch David Beckham’s debut highlights below.