So bad he looked away! Danilo scores a CRAC-pot goal v Nautico in the Brazilian Cup

A contender for the maddest goal of the season was recorded in the Copa do Brasil on Wednesday night.

CRAC, one of the greatest named teams who ply their trade in the third tier of Brazilian football, claimed a superb 3-1 first leg win over top flight club Náutico recording a 3-1 home win.

Comically Danilo put CRAC 3-up in the 78th minute, however the striker didn’t even watch the ball cross the goalline.

After receiving a pullback in the Nautico box, Danilo skied his shot high into the air. Believing he’d fluffed the chance, Danilo immediately turned his back on the play in disgust of his own poor effort.

Only his effort wasn’t poor.

Instead Danilo’s spooned shot lobbed up in the sky only to drop down just underneath the crossbar for one of the flukiest goals of the season.

Watch Danilo’s CRAC-pot goal below.