Sniper in the crowd: Fouad Idabdelhay vs Den Haag

Amazing scenes from the Den Haag Stadion at the weekend, as a sniper in the crowd took out NAC Breda forward Fouad Idabdelhay as the young striker had outpaced the home defence and was found purposefully bearing down on goal.

The shooting occured five minutes before the interval. Picking up the ball just inside his own half, Idabdelhay saw the wide open space in front him left by the high-lined Den Haag defence, and the 20-year-old flying Dutchman began to gobbled up the yards between him and the goal.

Idabdelhay showed a clean pair of heels to the covering number 7, but just as he approached the edge of the box the nightmare happened. Alone, with no-one around for company, Idabdelhay took a direct hit in his leg, immediately tumbling to the floor on impact.

So bad was the shooting that Idabdelhay was stretchered off with NAC fearing a long lay-off on the sidelines for their young forward.

Sadly, the sniper appears to have got away and no arrests have been made.

The shooting of Fouad Idabdelhay can be seen here. (3 minutes in on the video.)