Sniper Alert: Hatem Ben Arfa gets shot in the neck with the pain quickly spreading to his leg

Sadly, as is usually the case, the sniper got away.

As the sands of time slowly ticked over during Marseille’s away goals win at Ajax in the UEFA Cup, the final few seconds of extra time were made that much longer after Hatem Ben Arfa when down in the latest Platoon-esque moment.

The incident arrived in the 119th minute. Looking to see out the time, Ben Arfa ran the ball down the left hand touchline before being gently touched by Bruno Silva as the Amsterdammer attempted to retrieve possession for the hosts.

Cue the Oscar winning performance.

Behaving as if he had just taken a punch from a professional fighter, with the blow itself having magical powers of increasing it’s painfulness as the time slowly passed, Ben Arfa collapsed to the floor with both hands on his chin before showing off his dog-impression, rolling over an impressive three times before coming to a halt.

And why did Ben Arfa stop rolling about? Because suddenly the pain went from his chin all the way to his leg as the number 20 began holding himself in the fetal position to comfort himself.

Hatem Ben Arfa’s pathetic play-acting can be seen here.

(The Offside)