Sneaky Buggers! Man City moved their advertising boards to defend Stoke’s long throw-ins

Manchester City are being accused of craftiness after their match with Stoke on New Year’s Day.

Prior to the kick-off against the Potters, a photo began circulating on social media sites showing Man City workers moving the advertising boards around the pitch at the Etihad.

The significance of the picture appeared obvious: by shrinking the space between the touchline and the ad hoardings, Stoke would be restricted in their ability to launch long throw-ins into the Citizens’ box.

To illustrate just how far Man City moved the adverting boards, below are a series of pictures contrasting the Etihad pitch during the Stoke match compared to how the pitch looked in City’s previous home match with Reading.

(Match highlights: Manchester City 3 – Stoke 0.)

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