Slovak riot police are charged with attacking ethnic Hungarians without cause

Tensions in the European Eastern bloc erupted into violence on Saturday, with the Hungarian government demanding that Slovak authorities investigate allegations of police violence at a Slovak league football match in the ethnic Hungarian town of Dunajska Streda.

The match between Dunajska Streda and Slovan Bratislava was disrupted by Slovak riot police after only 15 minutes, with the police attacking the section housing the Hungarian fans of Dunajska, beating fans and pushing them against the fence. According to reports, several people lost consciousness and one person suffered a broken jaw and a concussion, while Slovak police refused to take action against the Slovak fans who threw smoke bombs and other missiles.

In separate reports, the Hungarian fans were charged with being far from innocent in the violence. Labelled as having Neo-Nazi sympathies, several fans were allegedly caught wearing national scarves brandishing the word Kitartas (“Perseverance”) – a motto of Hungary’s fascist Arrow Cross movement in late 1944 and early 1945, while others were seen waving the Arpad flags associated with that Fascist regime.

YouTuber “Zsozsi1980” was at the match and recorded the brutal images as they unfolded.

In the first video, footage vividly shows the riot police entering the Dunajska fans stand, beating the fans who failed to move back. The video can be seen here.

Next, more footage sees the riot police toe-to-toe with the unarmed supporters, with pictures capturing injured fans lying prostrate on the floor. (Watch here.)

And the pictures keep coming, whether it be a female supporter crying in the violence or images of a battered fan carted away on a stretcher and eventually whisked away to hospital by helicopter.

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