Sligo Rovers had their name misspelled on FAI Cup medals & it took them a while to notice [Picture]

This story may fuel a fresh cycle of Irish numpty jokes.

Sligo Rovers won the FAI Cup beating Drogheda United 3-2 last weekend in Ireland, but the winners of the trophy had their name screwed up on the ceremonial medals from the match.

After the match, Drogheda’s Philip Hand tweeted a picture of his runner-up medal to show how the victors name was messed up as it was engraved as “Silgo Rovers.”

Moreover, according to it took a while for Sligo to realise the error also.

Sligo’s Alan Keane told “We only noticed it on the bus on the way back to Sligo. Our skipper Danny Ventre was having a look and spotted it: ‘Silgo.’ We got a few laughs out of that. As long as the right words — cup winners — are on the back we won’t worry too much about what’s written on the back.

The supplier has apologised for the mistake, and new medals are set to be issued to fix the error.