Slappers & Cheats: Hossam Ghaly (Al Nasr-Al Hilal) & Distel Zola (Bordeaux-Monaco)

On Wednesday night in Saudi Arabia, Al Nasr took on Al Hilal in the Crown Prince Cup, a match which the visitors won 2-1. But the main talking point after the game wasn’t about the scoreline itself, but rather a slapping incident involving former Tottenham midfielder Hossam Ghaly.

With the match still goalless, Al Hilal pressed for an opener with playmaker Yasser Al-Qahtani found battling for possession inside the hosts area. Crowded out by several home defenders, Al-Qahtani was always second best to create a true goal-scoring opportunity from the situation, however the forward was stopped in his tracks when Ghaly caught him with a sly left hand.

Hossam Ghaly’s slap on Al-Qahtani can be seen here.

While there was no doubt in the Ghaly incident that contact had been made between the players, over in France on Wednesday night an example of pure simulation was captured on camera as Monaco’s Distel Zola faked an assault in a miserable example of play-acting.

Playing away at French powerhouse Bordeaux, the Principality managed to get their noses in front before Zola took his horrible dive.

Zola found himself chasing a long ball alongside home defender Fernando Menegazzo, and the Bordeuax number five tried to snuff out the danger by putting his arm across Zola in an effort to reach the ball first. That was all the invitation Zola needed to hit the deck grabbing his face as if he’d been shot, and the Monaco striker continued to complain his non-existent case to the match referee as he tried to get his opponent in trouble.

Zola’s poor piece of simulation can be seen here.