Slap & Tickle: Robbie Kruse (Melbourne Victory) vs Kim Sung-Hwan (Seongnam Ilhwa)

Remember Vinny Jones and Paul Gascoigne? Well now we have the slightly less memorable pairing of Robbie Kruse versus Kim Sung-Hwan.

Tuesday’s Asian Champions League match between the Melbourne Victory and their Korean opponents Seongnam Ilhwa was sparked into controversy midway through the first half when opposing players Kruse and Kim began niggling away at each other with violent consequences.

The problems started when Kim hacked down a speedy Kruse with a sly kick to the ankle after 20 minutes. Clearly angered by the cynical challenge which resulted in a foul but no booking, Kruse slowly made his way to his feet with Kim towering above him, before lashing out with a cheeky slap that hit the Korean full force in his kisser. Amazingly, the visually impaired match officials missed the backhanded cuff, and this time it was Kim who felt aggrieved by the officials inaction.

Fast forward nine minutes and Kim got his retribution.

Closely guarding Kruse from yet another set-play incident, Kim purposefully grabbed Kruse by his short n’ curlys, giving the young Aussie a nasty little tug which left the Melbourne player feeling the pain.

In classic Aussie fashion the commentators responded by yelping “He’s given him the goose” (whatever that means!).

The slap-and-tickle between Kruse and Kim can be seen here.