Sky’s Sunday Supplement: Keegan “lost the plot when he walked out on England.” – Steve Curry

The gang met in the Sky studio to chew over the main topics this Sunday morning. Obviously England was first on the agenda. The Daily Mail’s Paul Hayward kicked off the debate defending the win, addressing the long term ambitions of England taking into account the poor starting point the national team have found themselves in. John Dillon, from the Daily Express, was more critical claiming expectations on the national side will always be high. Steve “the chin” Curry also took a positive angle from the Andorra win, noting England’s low ebb. There was also a discussion of Theo Walcott’s performance.

Next up were Newcastle, the pundits examining the war of words between Keegan and the Toon board. Steve Curry slammed Keegan, “who lost the plot when he walked out on England,” questioning Keegan’s motives for coming back into management. John Dillon also picked on Keegan’s own admission that he hadn’t been involved in game for years before taking the Newcastle job, saying he needed help finding new signings. Paul Hayward offered the dissenting opinion, coming out in sympathy for Keegan.

Lastly, the fallout from Alan Curbishley’s departure from West Ham was put up for discussion. John Dillon agreed that Curbishley was treated shabbily by the owners. Steve Curry went on a boring ramble about the relationship between a manager and a sporting director. Paul Hayward happily interrupted, claiming the sporting director system has failed in England and is alien to our football culture.

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