Sky’s Sunday Supplement: Heskey to Chelsea, Michael Owen’s future & can Paul Ince survive at Blackburn?

The panel, lead by Brian Woolnough, kicked off their debate by discussing the merit of Chelsea buying Emile Heskey. The News of the World’s Andy Dunn was first to run his mouth, spitting that the underwhelming potential transfer of the Wigan striker evidence’s the current financial climate and a restriction of funds at the Blues. Joe Lovejoy from the Sunday Times echoed much of the same views, admitting he is struggling to understand the rumour, while Ian McGarry (The Sun) revealed that Roman Abramovich has apparently lost between £3-5 billion of his own personal wealth in the recent credit crunch, and Capello’s faith in Heskey speaks volumes for the forward.

Next, the panel put Michael Owen’s future on the chopping block and wondering where his next move is. Joe Lovejoy argued that Owen is still worth a punt with Andy Dunn adding that he believes Owen still has many years of fitness left in him and is surprised that bigger clubs have not been linked with the forward. Ian McGarry piped up with his analysis that Owen will have to take a pay-cut, with the talking heads agreeing that the main discussion point over Owen’s next move will be the length of the contract.

In the final segment Paul Ince’s tenure at Blackburn was debated. Ian McGarry feels that only if Rovers panick will Ince be shown the door, sticking up for the Guv’nor particularly having regard to his achievement at MK Dons. Andy Dunn however empathised with the Blackburn board, noting that having lost six straight games the pressure is so immense to get things right that they may chose to make a change. Joe Lovejoy argued that all managers should be given at least 12 months at any club that they arrive, but in the cold reality on the Premier League the upcoming matches against Stoke (home) and Sunderland (away) are must-win matches.