Sky’s Sunday Supplement: Beckham for England & Adebayor’s beahviour is “sadly predictable… thick and unnecessary” – Henry Winter

Although the World Cup is still months and months away, the Sky pundits took up the debate of whether David Beckham should make the squad. John Dillon (Express) and Henry Winter (Telegraph) both argue for Becks’ omission while a sunned-up Shaun Custis (The Sun) countered by tooting that Goldenball’s experience and ability to hold onto the ball make him a valuable addition to the Three Lions.

It wasn’t long before talk turned to the big one – can England win the World Cup. Shaun Custis argued that “this is going well at the moment,” while John Dillon pulled out his mini-violin to cry about how the press cannot win in this situation as back England, they are accused of hype, and talk down England, they are traitors. Henry Winter showed his tabloid peers how to handle themsleves noting “there’s some really good players in that squad. Let’s hope we dont’t get any injuries, particularly to Rooney.”

The final topic was the fallout from the Manchester City-Arsenal match, specifically the behaviour of Emmanuel Adebayor. Henry Winter called the Togolese striker’s actions “sadly predictable… thick and unnecessary.” Conversation then moved on the how it was that Arsenal allowed Robin van Persie to express his forthright opinions in public, before Shaun Custis criticised the Arsenal fans for throwing chairs at Adebayor.