Sky’s Sunday Supplement: A dissection of England v Kazakhstan

After England’s 5-1 over Kazakhstan, the first topic up for discussion was reaction to the booing directed at Ashley Cole during the match. The Sun’s Shaun Custis admitted understanding where the England fans anger towards Cole comes from, saying Cole has undermined his own image through a history of negative tabloid stories. Henry Winter chipped in with support for Rio Ferdinand, who turned on the booing England fans in his post match comments. The panel then concluded that Cole is in fact the best left back in the world.

Steven Gerrard’s performance was the second topic up for debate. Henry Winter argued that England cannot have “one orchestra, two conductors,” with only enough room for one of either Lampard or Gerrard in the midfield alongside a holding midfielder. Shaun Custis advocated playing Gerrard at right back, while the Daily Star’s Paul Hetherington offered empathy to Fabio Capello for trying to fix a solution to the Lampard-Gerrard conundrum.

In the final segment the panel turned their attention to Everton, with news that David Moyes is poised to sign his new contract. Paul Hetherington took the lead in praising the managerial talents of Moyes, Henry Winter concurred, but Shaun Custis piped up with his belief Everton are a second rate team who should be focusing on ground-sharing with Liverpool.

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