Sky’s Soccer Saturday should sign Marcello Chirico

Sky’s Soccer Saturday show is a cult classic. For some reason, people seem addicted to watching other people watch and commentate live on games. And the phenomenon is not restricted to Britain, with Italian TV offering their own version of the concept for their Calcio fans.

Happily, we can bring you this fantastic clip from last night’s Italian broadcast during the Lazio-Juventus game in Serie A.

A little background to the clip.

The man at the centre of the action is Marcello Chirico, a life-long Juventus fan who has been spent his career as a media broadcaster. Such is his passion for the Bianconeri that for the last eight years Chirico has been the public face of the Turin club in the Italian media. And, being so biased and aligned with Juve, it was no surprise to see Chirico taking matters to heart when offering his punditry during the late Sunday night game.

Simply put, the man is bonkers.

Marcello Chirico’s reaction to both goals from last night’s Lazio-Juventus match can be seen here.