Sky in a precarious position as BT Sport close in on La Liga rights (Best Tweets)

messi vs real madrid 2015

BT Sport are breaking necks and cashing cheques.

Sky made a pretty stupid decision in paying £4.2 billion in the Premier League TV rights deal. Broadcasting 126 matches, it’s essentially paying £11 million per match.

They forfeited their Champions League rights to BT because they felt that the competition wasn’t getting the ratings it had in years before.

This is because of the poor performances from English teams in recent seasons.

However, with BT already showing football from Ligue 1, Serie A and the Bundesliga, Sky have taken a huge risk in allowing their rivals to secure La Liga football.

It’s not a done deal yet but with Sky out of the race it allows BT to secure it easily – and at a discount price. This means no more Revista de la Liga, folks.

But let’s face it, BT’s punditry team are a more entertaining bunch. Filled with journalists like James Horncastle and Rafa Honigstein, it’s presented by the affable James Richardson.

It’s not a bad a thing for the neutrals.

For Sky’s grip on football, it could be fatal. One must remember that BT are showing a few Premier League matches too. So Sky’s splurge looks particularly stupid.

Check out the Twitter reaction to this Game of Thrones below.