Skill of the Week: Gary Mackay-Steven (Dundee United) vs St. Johnstone

This clip will go viral in the next few days.

Although generally few positive stories come out from the SPL – Rangers’ fall into administration the latest sorry story from north of the border – last weekend witnessed a world-class moment of trickery during Dundee United’s 5-1 whipping of St. Johnstone.

With the Arabs 2-1 up in the 66th minute, Gary Mackay-Steven collected possession in the wide left position with St. Johnstone’s Dave Mackay and Chris Miller in close proximity. Facing two opponents failed to cause Gary Mackay-Steven any headaches however.

As if playing professional hopscotch, Mackay-Steven skipped his way past the St. Johnstone twosome in a clip that could see him join Riverdance in the not-too-distant future.

Sit back and enjoy Gary Mackay-Steven’s skill here.

Realted link: Highlights of St. Johnstone 1 – Dundee United 5.